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“The success and failure of IT implementations in hospitals can be directly tied to IT workforce issues.” 

2014 HIMSS Workforce Survey


Healthcare organizations have been implementing electronic systems at a frenzied pace over the past several years in order to enhance quality, optimize revenue and comply with government regulations. But in order to thrive in this new electronic, integrated environment that is now dominated by Health Information Technology (HIT), healthcare employees must have the understanding and abilities to effectively manage both clinical and administrative information within their organization and across the healthcare sector.


Pinnacle Center for Professional Development (PCPD) helps fill the growing need for HIT knowledge and education by offering programs that teach and update clinicians, IT staff and administrators about the current HIT environment, as advancements in HIT continue. Health IT is a uniquely rewarding field, and the mission of PCPD is to create a confident, competent, motivated and inspired health IT workforce.


PCPD offers face-to-face, classroom-based HIT courses delivered in an informal setting by seasoned professionals. These HIT courses are designed for those with a clinical or an IT background who work in the healthcare industry, as well as for those with a background in the IT field but with little or no experience in healthcare.


Our courses are offered at our Fairfield, NJ learning center, or can be scheduled at any location according to our customers’ requirements. They include the 4-day Health IT Workforce Boot Camp, and the 2-day Introduction to Health IT.

Our Health IT Workforce Education Courses

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