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The Importance of Change Leadership in HIT

Synopsis:  Project Plans and Change Plans – The Perfect Pair Change leadership is a concept that comes to mind when we talk about large corporate initiatives such as organizational re-engineering and large IT system implementations.  The objective of change leadership is to systematically, sensitively and purposefully help the members of an organization to understand, appreciate […]

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PInnacle Center - Healthcare IT

Quality – What It Means to Health Information Technology

By Beth Dituro, Program Director, Pinnacle Center for Professional Development Hot off the press: House subcommittee approves bill to defund the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ).  Will this have any effect on Health Information Technology (HIT) implementations?   In healthcare, the word “quality” can be such a nebulous term.  We all THINK we […]

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Building and Leading Great Health IT Teams

  Synopsis: There is no magic wand for building and leading great HIT teams HIT teams are comprised of staff from various departments and organizations within a healthcare institution. While there is no magic wand to create cohesiveness and synergy, strong leadership can ensure teams fire on all cylinders, leverage complementary strengths, and remain focused […]

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Reliable HIT Data Depends on the Support & Maintenance of Users

Synopsis: Optimal utilization of HIT systems requires a Data Quality Lead to recommend best practice policies and procedures, specify initial and ongoing training requirements and implement continuous monitoring regimes for user compliance and data quality.   Healthcare organizations rely heavily on enterprise IT as well as departmental systems. Once implemented, these systems quickly become integral to the […]

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Health IT Workforce: Teams in the Trenches

Health Information Technology (HIT) teams can be a lot like armies, made up of leaders, volunteers and recruits. Like armies, HIT teams need the benefits of basic training to build skills and confidence needed to prepare for successful campaigns. This type of basic training – the “Health IT Boot Camp” – prepares the Health IT workforce for […]

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