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Pinnacle Center for Professional Development

Pinnacle Center for Professional Development (PCPD) is a center of health IT workforce education serving the healthcare community by offering courses in Health Information Technology (HIT).

PCPD’s founder, Joseph Konopinski, has recognized the vital need for HIT education and is aware that the lack of well-prepared HIT staff is becoming critical, as mandates and initiatives in HIT continue to evolve.

Our mission at PCPD is to create a confident, competent, motivated and inspired health IT workforce. We help prepare HIT team members for success by offering face-to-face, classroom-based programs. The courses are delivered in a comfortable, informal, discussion-oriented atmosphere and are offered at Pinnacle’s New Jersey headquarters or at a site convenient to customers. Dates and locations are flexible and can be scheduled according to customer needs. Group discounts are also available.  

PCPD is part of the Pinnacle Consulting Group (PCG) Founded by Joe Konopinski in 1998, the company offers IT solutions to various vertical markets serving the healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, accounting, financial and legal industries, among many others. PCG provides businesses and professionals with a broad array of IT services. The company both designs and services IT management systems for enterprises of any size. Since its creation, PCG has partnered with organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, HP, and other technology leaders, to create a solid foundation and knowledge base for staff and customers.