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This Learning Path consists of 21 courses covering the importance of gathering and maintaining accurate demographic and clinical information in a patient chart. The fundamental components of the patient’s electronic chart that this Learning Path covers include the recording of Active Diagnosis and Medications, Medication Allergies, Drug to Drug/Drug to Allergy Interactions and Smoking Status. This Learning Path also addresses the requirements of charting patient’s vital signs, generation of patient clinical summaries, Electronic Data Interchange with partners, the protection of patient PHI and reporting Clinical Quality Measures.

The learner has sixty days to complete this Learning Path.

Module AAFP "Prescribed" CME
BF72001 – Use Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) for Medication Orders 0.25
BF72002 – Implement Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks 0.25
BF72003 – Maintain Active Medication List 0.25
BF72004 – Maintain an Up-to-Date Problem List of Current and Active Diagnoses 0.25
BF72005 – Generate and Transmit Permissible Prescriptions Electronically (E-Prescribing or eRx) 0.25
BF72006 – Record All Patient Demographics 0.25
BF72007 – Record Smoking Status 0.25
BF72008 – Implement One Clinical Decision Support Rule 0.25
BF72009 – Record and Chart Changes in Vital Signs 0.25
BF72010 – Report Ambulatory Clinical Quality Measures 0.25
BF72011 – Protecting Electronic Health Information 0.25
BF72012 – Record Active Medication Allergy List 0.25
BF72013 – Clinical Summaries 0.25
BF72014 – Electronic Access to Health Information 0.25
BF72015 – Exchange of Clinical Information Electronically 0.25
BF72016 – Submit Electronic Data for Public Health Measures 0.25
BF72017 – Generate Patient Lists and Send Patient Reminders 0.25
BF72018 – Identify Patient-specific Education Resources 0.25
BF72019 – Transition of Care Summary 0.25
BF72020 – Perform Medication Reconciliation 0.25
BF72021 – Clinical Lab Test Results 0.25
BF72022 – Implementing Drug Formulary Checks 0.25
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