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This Learning Path contains eighteen modules covering multiple CPT related topics – Introduction to CPT Coding and HCPCS Coding as well as CPT coding for various systems of the human body. These include Musculoskeletal, Integumentary, Respiratory, Digestive and Nervous systems and many others. In addition, the modules highlight the 2015 CPT changes and CPT coding for patient evaluation and management.

BF83201 – Inpatient Coding: Introduction to ICD-9-CM V3 N/A N/A
BF83202 – Inpatient Coding: Basic Diagnosis Coding V3 N/A N/A
BF83203 – Inpatient Coding: Basic Procedure Coding V3 N/A N/A
BF83204 – Inpatient Coding: Parts of the Medical Record V3 N/A N/A
BF83206 – Inpatient Coding: Physician Queries V3 N/A N/A
BF83207 – Inpatient Coding: Infectious and Parasitic Diseases V3 N/A N/A
BF83208 – Inpatient Coding: Neoplasms V3 N/A N/A
BF83209 – Inpatient Coding: Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases V3 N/A N/A
BF83210 – Inpatient Coding: Diseases of the Blood and Blood-forming Organs V3 N/A N/A
BF83211 – Inpatient Coding: Mental Disorders V3 N/A N/A
BF83212 – Inpatient Coding: The Nervous System V3 N/A N/A
BF83213 – Inpatient Coding: The Circulatory System V3 N/A N/A
BF83214 – Inpatient Coding: The Respiratory System V3 N/A N/A
BF83215 – Inpatient Coding: The Digestive System V3 N/A N/A
BF83216 – Inpatient Coding: Complications of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium V3 N/A N/A
BF83217 – Inpatient Coding: Genitourinary System V3 N/A N/A
BF83218 – Inpatient coding: Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue V3 N/A N/A
BF83219 – Inpatient Coding: Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue V3 N/A N/A
BF83220 – Inpatient Coding: Congenital Anomalies V3 N/A N/A
BF83221 – Inpatient Coding: Injuries and Burns V3 N/A N/A
BF83222 – Inpatient Coding: Adverse Effects and Poisonings V3 N/A N/A
BF83223 – Inpatient Coding: V Codes and E Codes V3 N/A N/A
BF83401 – Coding 101 V3 1.0 2.0
BF83402 – Introduction to HCPCS Level II Coding V3 1.0 2.0
BF83403 – Outpatient Diagnosis Coding: An introduction to ICD-9-CM V3 N/A N/A
BF83404 – Introduction to CPT Codes V3 0.5 2.0
BF83407 – Outpatient Diagnosis Coding: Neoplasms and Burns V3 N/A N/A
BF83408 – Outpatient Diagnosis Coding: Common and Problematic Conditions V3 N/A N/A
BF83409 – CPT Coding for Evaluation and Management Services I : Category Selection V3 1.5 4.0
BF83410 – CPT Coding for Evaluation and Management Services II : Level Selection V3 1.5 4.0
BF83411 – CPT Coding for Anesthesia Services V3 1.0 2.0
BF83412 – CPT Coding for the Integumentary System V3 1.5 4.0
BF83413 – CPT Coding for the Musculoskeletal System V3 1.0 3.0
BF83414 – CPT Coding for the Respiratory System V3 0.5 1.0
BF83415 – CPT Coding for the Eye, Ocular, and Auditory Systems V3 0.5 2.0
BF83416 – CPT Coding for the Surgery/Cadiovascular System V3 1.0 3.0
BF83417 – CPT Coding for the Digestive System V3 0.5 1.0
BF83418 – CPT Coding for Urinary, GYN, and OB services V3 0.5 2.0
BF83419 – CPT Coding for the Nervous System V3 0.5 2.0
BF83420 – CPT Coding for Pathology and Laboratory Services V3 0.5 2.0
BF83421 – CPT Coding for Radiology Services V3 1.5 3.0
BF83422 – CPT Coding for the Medicine Section V3 1.0 3.0
BF83424 – Hightlights of 2015 CPT Changes V4 1.0 4.0
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