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This Learning Path consisting of 25 modules builds on the fundamental revenue cycle concepts contained in the Revenue Cycle Foundational courses. It covers a variety of topics on how healthcare organizations get paid for services rendered, how insurance information is used in the coordination of benefits to a patient and the way billing is done for Medicare, Medicaid, the Armed Services and the VA among other topics.

In addition, there is a certification exam that tests the learner’s absorption of the material.

The learner has sixty days to complete this Learning Path.

BF80107 – Understanding How Hospitals Are Paid V5
BF80501 – Components of a Complete Physician Order V5
BF80602 – Medicare – World of Medicare V5
BF80603 – Your Office in the World of Medicare V5
BF80604 – Introduction to Medicaid V5
BF80605 – Introduction to TRICARE and CHAMPVA V5
BF80607 – Why Accurate Health Insurance Data Matters V5
BF80608 – Introduction to Medicare Advantage Plans V5
BF80701 – Insurance Verification Terminology V5
BF80702 – Insurance Verification Process Step by Step V5
BF80703 – Why Insurance Verification Matters V5
BF80704 – Medical Necessity Concepts and the ABN V5
BF80705 – Explaining the ABN to Medicare Beneficiaries V5
BF80803 – Introduction to Medicare Secondary Payer and Medicaid COB V5
BF80804 – MSP Determination Process V5
BF80805 – MSP Requirements Documentation V5
BF80806 – Workers’ Compensation Assignment V5
BF80807 – Auto Insurance Assignment V5
BF80808 – Residential Accident Assignment V6
BF80809 – Public Location Accident Assignment V6
BF80810 – Entity Request Determination Process V6
BF80811 – Multiple Plan COB Determination Process V5
BF81301 – How Bills are Processed Through the Revenue Cycle V5
BF81302 – Payer Follow-Up Part I V6
BF81303 – Payer Follow-Up Part II V6
BF81620 – Revenue Cycle Certified Professional II (RCCPII) Certification Exam

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