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This Learning Path consists of twenty six modules that guide the learner through the fundamental revenue cycle concepts such as Revenue Cycle Terminology, Payer identification, Computer Software and its use in generating bills.

In addition, it covers Healthcare Coding Systems, Customer Communication, Medical Terminology, the importance of Patient Demographic and Patient Encounter Data, Coordination of Benefits, Patient Intake Methods and Medicare as a Secondary Payer.

There is a Certification Exam that reviews this extensive content.

The learner has sixty days to complete this extensive Learning Path.

BF80101 – Introduction to the Revenue Cycle V6
BF80102 – Revenue Cycle Terminology V6
BF80103 – Critical Steps in Payer Identification V6
BF80105 – Generating Bills V5
BF80106 – Introduction to Healthcare Coding Systems V6
BF80201 – Customers and Communication Getting to Know Your Customers V6
BF80202 – Patient Intake Points Within Healthcare V6
BF80203 – Patient Intake Methods V6
BF80301 – Medical Terminology I: Word Building V6
BF80302 – Medical Terminology II: Body Systems V6
BF80303 – Medical Terminology III: Procedures, Symptoms and Acronyms V6
BF80401 – Master Patient Index Search and Assignments V6
BF80402 – Identifying the Patient and Other Key Individuals V6
BF80403 – Patient Interviewing Techniques V6
BF80404 – Getting Correct Information from Patients and Guarantors V6
BF80405 – Why Patient Demographic Data Matters V6
BF80502 – Gathering Essential Visit Information V6
BF80503 – Why Patient Encounter Data Matters V6
BF80601 – Reading an Insurance Card V6
BF80606 – Health Insurance Plans and Participation Basics V6
BF80801 – Introduction to Coordination of Benefits V6
BF80802 – Determining Coordination of Benefits V6
BF80812 – Why Coordination of Benefits Matters V6
BF80813 – Medicare Secondary Payer V6
BF80814 – Medicare Secondary Payer Practice Scenarios V6
BF80815 – Interpretation of Medicare Secondary Payer V6
BF81610 – Revenue Cycle Certified Professional I (RCCPI) Certification Exam

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