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This Learning Path contains 27 modules and builds on the Fundamentals and Developing Revenue Cycle Learning Paths.

It consists of is the most advanced Learning Path in the Revenue Cycle Series covering the UB04 Claim Form, Denial Management, Patient Balances, Collections Flow, Medicare Remittance Advice form and follow-up on Blue Cross and Commercial remittances.

It also includes a Certification Exam that tests the learners advanced knowledge of the Revenue Cycle.

The learner has sixty days to complete this Learning Path.

BF80104 – Patient Intake and the UB-04 Claim Form V6
BF80109 – Introduction to Denial Management V6
BF80901 – Understanding Patient Balances V6
BF80902 – The Collection Flow V6
BF80903 – Payment Options and Solutions V6
BF80904 – 4 Steps of Requesting Payments from Patients V6
BF80905 – Managing Patient Balances V6
BF80906 – Why Collecting Patient Balances Matters V6
BF81001 – Identifying UB Data Elements and Form Locators V6
BF81002 – Identifying UB Elements at Patient Intake V6
BF81003 – What a Patient’s UB Data Elements Tell You V6
BF81004 – The Relationship of UB Data Elements and Charges V6
BF81005 – Patients/Payer – Specific UB Elements V6
BF81006 – UB Data Elements Relationships V6
BF81304 – Understanding the Elements of Payments V6
BF81305 – Following Up on a Medicare Payment V6
BF81306 – The Appeals Process on Medicare Denials V6
BF81214 – Introduction to UB Validation, Part 1 V6
BF81215 – Introduction to UB Validation, Part 2 V6
BF81216 – Validating an Acute Inpatient Bill V6
BF81217 – UB Validation – Mom and Baby V6
BF81218 UB Validation Fundamental Outpatient V6
BF81219 – UB Validation Fundamental Therapy V6
BF81307 – Reading the Medicare Remittance Advice V6
BF81309 – General Follow-Up on Blue Cross V6
BF81313 – Following Up with Commercial and Other Payers V6
BF81502 – Anatomy of a 1500 Claim V6
BF81630 – Revenue Cycle Certified Master (RCCM) Certification Exam

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