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HIMSS 2017 Leadership and Workforce Survey

HIMSS 2017 Leadership and Workforce Survey

In the annual survey conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Health IT (HIT) leaders were asked a series of questions to help gauge anticipated trends for 2017. To obtain an overview of the opinions felt in all corners of the healthcare market, the survey was distributed to nearly all industry segments. Based upon the responses received and by whom, healthcare providers were grouped into three general categories:

  • Hospitals (55%), which included hospitals/health systems
  • Ambulatory (15%), including physician offices and freestanding outpatient clinics
  • LTPAC – Long Term/Post-Acute Care (30%), such as nursing homes

Graphic Credited to the 2017 HIMSS Leadership and Workforce Survey

The survey results provide a snapshot into the thoughts of health IT professionals throughout the nation and provide insight as to overall trends they see. Overall, it is apparent that protecting healthcare data remains paramount, according to respondents. That is not surprising given the continued emphasis on electronic record keeping, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws and enforcement, and cyber criminals looking to attack hospital and healthcare networks.


A global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization, HIMSS is dedicated to improving health through information technology (IT). Founded in 1961, HIMSS North America focuses on health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research, and media services.

Between late November 2016 and early January 2017, HIMSS conducted the study which wove together key components from two historically seminal HIMSS research efforts (the HIMSS Leadership Survey and the biennial HIMSS Workforce Study). The present report, which was released in the first quarter of this year, provides a robust profile of health IT priorities as well as their linkage to various health IT strategic initiatives (e.g. employment of select IT leaders) and industry economic measures (e.g. workforce projections).

Survey Findings

After collecting feedback from 368 U.S. health IT leaders, the HIMSS Leadership and Workforce Survey provided findings which suggested that both providers and vendor/consulting organizations share many of the same clinical IT priorities for this year. Most notable were issues involving privacy, security and cybersecurity, as well as care coordination, culture of care, and population health.

Additionally, the data reinforced the importance of health IT to the U.S. economy. Most healthcare providers who responded (56%) stated they plan on increasing their IT budgets this year. Hiring is also experiencing an uptick, particularly at hospitals. Sixty-one percent of hospital representatives who responded stated they have IT job openings they hope to fill this year. Health IT workers have been able to look to provider and vendor/consulting organizations, such as Pinnacle Consulting Group and the Pinnacle Center for Professional Development, for gainful employment and education this past year.

As IT budgets for these organizations continue to grow, so is the need for health IT services. As a result, Pinnacle and its family of technology companies, are here to help prepare and educate health organization management and their employees, including IT teams.

Pinnacle; A Preferred Partner

In 2016, after having met HIMSS’ rigorous standards for creating and delivering education health IT and healthcare content, the Pinnacle Center for Professional Development (PCPD) became an approved education partner. Through this partnership, PCPD offers HIMSS-approved review courses and training programs to help create a confident, competent, motivated and inspired health IT workforce.

With experience in managing all software needs and IT functions, and helping to expand the client base for a national non-profit organization with Managed Long-Term Care Programs, Pinnacle’s team of experts recognizes the vital need for health IT instruction and is a great resource to prepare and educate your IT team for success. They are adept at the most recent regulations and legislative measures, providing an effective means for professionals to stay up-to-date on the evolving mandates and initiatives in the healthcare industry.

Our face-to-face and classroom-based programs are individually designed to meet your business’ IT needs. The courses are delivered in a comfortable, informal, discussion-oriented atmosphere that has proven to be highly effective in ensuring retention of course material. Dates and locations of the course are flexible to best accommodate the schedules of those who wish to attend.

Protecting Healthcare Data

A category consisting of HIPAA compliance, risk management and program integrity was considered a priority for healthcare providers, according to the survey. This emphasis is not surprising given the trends in the market. In 2016, more than $23 million in HIPAA fines due to breaches in “secure servers” were paid by private practices, healthcare facilities and other medical organizations. That financial number is expected to rise in 2017, as well. The severity of cyber attacks on healthcare data – and how to prevent them – was outlined in this earlier blog post.

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