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Q: What are the benefits of PCPD’s courses?

A: Students benefit by having the opportunity to learn about the big picture of Health IT and all of the factors influencing it – past, present and future. This context affords them the knowledge and understanding and insight to enhance their value on the job, and their overall decision making capabilities.

Q. What is the focus of the PCPD programs?

A: PCPD Courses focus on and address the comprehensive teamwork concept that is so important in today’s HIT field. The computer systems currently being installed and implemented in healthcare today affect many organizations, departments and individuals, and what’s good for one may actually be detrimental to another. Every affected end user needs to be represented […]

Q: When are PCPD courses scheduled?

A: Courses that are held at the PCPD facility in Fairfield are scheduled each month and can be viewed in our Calendar. Courses can also be scheduled at alternate locations according to customer requirements.

Q: What are the typical job roles or functions that would benefit from the PCPD program?

A: PCPD courses address the following types of Health IT workforce roles that involve analysis, design, implementation and support: Clinical (Practitioner) Consultant and Informaticist Implementation Manager / Project Manager Implementation Support Specialist Information Management Redesign Specialist Technical Support & Software Support Analyst Trainer and Educator

Q: Does PCPD offer technical classes?

A: PCPD does not offer specific technical training or certification for any vendor or commercial product.  PCPD courses are designed to fill the knowledge gap that is emerging as healthcare organizations seek to build the teams needed to successfully implement computer systems, some of which have only recently been designed and tested.  Class participants learn to understand […]

Q: Does PCPD offer any type of certification?

A: Absolutely.  PCPD courses are competency-based.  Class participants will receive a certificate upon demonstration of competency, usually in the form of a post-course assessment.

Q: How do I take an online learning path?

A: Click on the “Learn More” button to view the various modules included in the Learning Path. Once you have reviewed this list, you can click the “Buy this Course” button. You will then be able to sign on to PayPal and process your payment. Once the payment processing has been completed, you will receive […]